Time series

The Industrial Producer Price Index (IPPI) for the total, domestic and foreign markets (divided into Eurozone and non-Eurozone) is shown both as an overall index comprising ÖNACE and ÖCPA Sections B to E and as an index for the individual sections and divisions (two-digit). Indices are also calculated according to EU-harmonised main industrial groupings (MIGs): intermediate goods, capital goods, consumer goods and energy.

Initial preliminary results are published 30 days after the end of the period under review (around the 30th of each month) and final figures are published after 60 days (except reference period January after 65 days).

Current figures are also published monthly in the press releases.

The development of the European Industrial Producer Price Index can be accessed at: Eurostat--> Euro-Indicators.


To compare long-term price developments it is possible to link older index series with the price trends of subsequent index series. Linking coefficients (available only on the German website) can be used to continue index series for the overall index, the ÖNACE/ÖCPA sections and divisions and for the EU-harmonised main industrial groupings of the IPPI (2015=100) on base year 2010 and on base year 2005.