Output Price Index for Business Services

The Output Price Index for Business Services (a.k.a. Services Producer Prices Index, SPPI) measures the average price trends of services produced by the particular activity (ÖNACE category). In principle, it comprises the total domestic output of services provided on the market in ÖNACE Sections G-N and P-S.

The index essentially includes: 

  • services that are provided by a domestic company and sold in Austria
  • services that are provided by domestic companies and sold abroad.

Imported services provided by non-resident entities, on the other hand, are not classified as domestic output and therefore not included in the Output Price Index for Business Services.

The aim and purpose of a Output Price Index for Business Services is:

  • to comprehensively show price trends for the service branches
  • to be used as a deflator for calculating the output volume of the service sectors (in National Accounts, for example)
  • to serve as an indicator for short and long term economic analyses.

The price index is calculated according to the Laspeyres formula, with preference being given to a fixed-base index (constant weighting over five years).

Under EU Regulation No. 1158/2005 amending Council Regulation (EC) No. 1165/98 concerning short term statistics, producer price indices for the following service branches are currently to be compiled quarterly:

49.4: Freight transport by road and removal services; 50.1: Sea and coastal passenger water transport; 50.2: Sea and coastal freight water transport; 51: Air transport; 52.1: Warehousing and storage; 52.24: Cargo handling; 53.1: Postal activities under universal service obligation; 53.2: Other postal and courier activities; 61: Telecommunications; 62: Computer programming, consultancy and related activities; 63: Information service activities; 69: Legal and accounting activities; 70.2: Public relations and communication activities; 71: Architectural and engineering activities; Technical testing and analysis; 73: Advertising and market research; 78: Employment activities; 80: Security and investigation activities; 81.2: Cleaning activities.

Since the project is still in the development phase, time series for the producer price index for business services will become available by-and-by.