Corporation Tax Statistics 2017

The corporation tax statistics is based upon already existing statistical data provided by the fiscal administration. Liable to corporation taxation is income earned by legal entities. The tax assessment is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Corporation and Income Tax Act.

Starting from the year 2005 the corporation tax law was modified in two respects. On the one hand the tax rate was lowered from 34% to 25%, on the other hand there was introduced the possibility of joint taxation for company groups.

Results for 2017

In the year 2017, 151 197 cases were assessed which meant an increase in comparison to the previous year of 2.7%. In 97.1% of all cases individual corporations were assessed, only 2.9% of assessments concerned company groups (4 413 cases). The ratio between cases of taxation and cases with zero tax liability shifted only slightly. The cases of taxation had a share of 61.7% (previous year: 61.2%).

The taxable income increased in the year 2017, namely by 8.2% or €2 687 million, and amounted to €35 485 million. The corporation tax increased in a similar way by 8.0%. It yielded to an overall of €8 973 million.

Income Levels

In 2017, like in previous years, the majority of corporation tax revenue was allocated to the few highest-earning enterprises. Those 2.8% of all cases assessed which had a taxable income of €1 million or more accounted for 75.1% of the total tax revenue. On the other hand, 72.1% of all cases assessed in 2017 had no or less than €40 000 taxable income and generated only 2.7% of the total tax revenue.

Legal Forms

Of those companies, which were not part of a company group, the limited liability companies (Gesellschaften mit beschränkter Haftung) had the biggest share with 86.9% of all cases assessed. They contributed 46.7% of the tax revenue. Although joint stock companies (Aktiengesellschaften) represented a mere 0.4% of all cases (531), they contributed 3.8% to the tax revenue.

Company Groups

Despite the low numeric share of company groups of merely 2.9% they generated 42.1% (€14 931 million) of the taxable income. In this figure the losses and repaid profits of foreign group members are already included. In the year 2017 the repaid profits were higher than the considered losses by foreign group members for the third time in a row and amounted to €95 million. Company groups contributed an overall of 41.7% (€3 740 million) to the tax revenue.

Economic Branches

The primary sector accounted for 1.1% of all cases assessed and its share of the tax revenue amounted to 0.5%. Those 18.7% of the companies, which belonged to the secondary sector, contributed 32.6% of the tax revenue. The largest shares were provided by the tertiary sector with 80.2% of all cases and 66.9% of the tax revenue.

Regional Structure

Due to the regional allocation of entities subject to corporation taxation to their respective registered head offices, regional representation is subject to a distorted picture of the economic concentration, since enterprises with different sites (e.g. the branches of retail chains) are allocated to their main location only. The federal province of Vienna dominated quite clearly with a share of 30.4% in all cases and 35.2% of the total tax yield. It was followed by the federal provinces of Lower Austria (14.8% of all cases) and Upper Austria (13.8% of all cases). Burgenland provided only 2.6% of the cases and 1.7% of the tax yield.

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Corporation tax statistics - main characteristics from 2007 to 2017
Corporation tax statistics - main results 2017

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