Agricultural and Forestry Register

The Agricultural and Forestry Register (in German: Land- und Forstwirtschaftliches Register (LFR)) is an administrative register, that contains information about all agricultural and forestry entities (holdings) in Austria and is operated by Statistics Austria. The completeness and topicality of the register are important parameters, as it serves, among other things, as population for all agricultural statistical surveys. Every in the LFR stored entity has a unique identification number, the so-called LFBIS-Betriebsnummer, that is assigned by Statistics Austria.

In addition, the LFR is the basis for the Agricultural and Forestry Holding Information System (in German: Land- und Forstwirtschaftliches Betriebsinformationssystem (LFBIS)), that is operated by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism (BMLRT). Based on the LFBIS-Act of 8th October 1980, only master data are transferred to the BMLRT, whereby a uniform data basis is guaranteed.

Besides the master data, such as

  • LFBIS-Betriebsnummer,
  • Holding address,
  • Shipping address,
  • Name of the manager or name of the legal entity,

the LFR also contains data on the management such as

  • Basic information on field- and grassland management,
  • Basic information on intensive fruit growing,
  • Basic information on horticulture and field vegetable cultivation,
  • Basic information on viticulture,
  • Basic information on forest management,
  • Basic information on livestock farming,
  • Standardoutput.

Requirements to obtain a LFBIS-Betriebsnummer

An agricultural and/or forestry entity within the meaning of the LFR is defined by agricultural and/or forestry activity or the provision of services for the agriculture and/or forestry.

In terms of management, it is necessary that the land is farmed by the manager, meaning at his own risk and expense. To just own land without self-contained management (for example through lease of land) is not a proper base to apply for a LFBIS-Betriebsnummer.

Following information is required when applying for a LFBIS-Betriebsnummer:

  • Name
  • Legal form
  • Scan or photo of a photo id of the applicant
  • Notice of the insurance premium from the Social Security Institution for Self-Employed Persons (SVS) regarding the agricultural and/or forestry activity – not compulsory for legal entities
  • Possibly the commercial register number or the ZVR (Central Register of Associations) Zahl
  • Name, date of birth and address of the manager
  • Holding address
  • Total area, divided into the different types
  • Livestock, divided into the different species

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