Consumer Health Information System

The Veterinary Information System (VIS), the ante- and post-mortem inspection database (SFU) and the central register of holdings (ZBR) are brought together in one application; since 2009 it is operating under the label „Consumer Health Information System“.

The Veterinary Information System was developed primarily for the veterinary authority as an instrument for production livestock surveillance and control (e.g. diseases, residuals, animal welfare). Based on the information where, which and how many animals are kept or which farms had recently contact based on animal movements with each other, in the case of an outbreak official veterinarians need to set up the necessary measures, such as operating locks and zone draws on vulnerable or classified as hazardous holdings and regions, to avoid a further spread of the disease. So around 100.000 reports need to be processed and checked every month.

For the purpose of continuous updating, an annual survey with the reference date April 1st is performed. To reduce the burden on respondents, data from the Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA) “Mehrfachantrag-Flächen/Tierliste” are used primarily. Holdings which do not apply for subsidies need to be consulted directly. The obligation to give annual updated information concerns all holdings with pig, sheep and/or goat farming and those which get subsidies. Furthermore, holdings with additional animal species like cattle,, horses, poultry, wild ruminants, farmed game (camelids, ostriches, ruminants, wild boars), aquaculture as well as holdings with lagomorphs and bees were included in the VIS. The VIS is a bundled data competence centre: over a series of interfaces data on sectorial (species specific information about cattle and poultry) as well as on local (physical health status information regarding certain animal diseases in federal states) basis are gathered and stored. The availability of all this relevant information enables the authority to take appropriate veterinary measures very quick.

In addition to the VIS, an ante- and post-mortem inspection database (SFU) was developed according to Regulation (EC) No 854/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council of 29th April 2004 regarding specific rules for the organisation of official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption. Once implementation was completed, ongoing operations started in January 2009. For the veterinary authority, SFU is an essential tool for monitoring food safety and -Traceability in the meat sector in the Austrian food chain.

Based on European and national legal acts, an electronic Central Register of Holdings (ZBR) was established. It contains all livestock holdings, both at primary production level and subsequent levels. Furthermore, assigned admissions to holdings according to legal grounds were administered and published via internet (; in German language only).

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