Press release: 12.695-286/21

Field crop harvest 2021: less wheat, high quantities of grain maize and soybeans

Vienna, 2021-12-21 – According to Statistics Austria, 5.30 million tonnes of grain (incl. grain maize) were harvested in Austria in 2021. This year's grain harvest was thus slightly above the ten-year average (+2%), but 7% lower than in the previous year.

Rainy weather at sowing time reduced the area of winter crops, whereas dryness in early summer was responsible for lower yields among spring cereals. A cold and rainy May negatively influenced the growing conditions but also reduced pest diseases, while late harvested crops profited from the warm weather in autumn. Thus, the harvest of wheat decreased by 8% compared to 2020 and brought 1.53 million tonnes, whereas the production of grain maize with 2.43 million tonnes reached a similarly high amount as in the previous year (+1%), which was 13% over the ten-year average.

Dry pulses and oilseeds achieved a production of 483 800 tonnes, which was by 9% more than in 2020. Soybeans reached a record production of 235 100 tonnes (+16% to 2020), mainly caused by area expansion. The area of root crops – sugar beets, exactly spoken – raised significantly, so this product group with prospectively 3.82 million tonnes will reach a surplus of 28% compared to the previous year (+3% to the ten-year average).

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