Slaughterings and meat production 2020

A total of 645 000 cattle, 56 000 calves, 5 068 000 pigs, 312 000 sheep and lambs, 61 300 goats and kids as well as 424 horses, foals and other equids were slaughtered across Austria in 2020. This resulted in an overall meat yield of 728 000 tonnes.

Since form the year 2020 “suitable slaughterings” (= meat fit for human consumption) were reported instead of “examined slaughterings” for the categories cattle, pigs, horses, foals and other equids, the values are not comparable to the previous years. The values for sheep and goats, which continue to derive from a proven model calculation, are, by definition, to be regarded as suitable slaughterings across all reporting years.

In 2020, 645 000 cattle (including 56 000 calves) were slaughtered across Austria, resulting in 216 000 tonnes of beef production (including 5 600 tonnes of veal meat).

Around 5 068 000 pig slaughterings resulted in 504 000 tonnes of pork meat produced in 2020.

The total number of sheep and lamb slaughterings decreased to 312 000 head (-8.7%) in 2020. With it, the production of mutton and lamb meat declined to 6 500 tonnes (-7.1%).

Slaughterings of goats and kids rose to 61 300 head (+14.0% compared to the previous year). During the same period the yield of goat meat increased by 11.5% to 639 tonnes.

Furthermore 424 horses, foals and other equids were slaughtered in 2020, which resulted in 90 tonnes of horse meat.

Methodological notes

The annual slaughter statistics provide information on the total number of domestic animals (Austrian and non-Austrian origin) slaughtered in Austria, and the resulting amount of meat produced suitable for human consumption. For this purpose, the average carcass weights per animal category are multiplied with the number of animals slaughtered and originated from the official ante-mortem and meat inspection or slaughterings that have not been examined (pigs, sheep and goats are exempt from the inspection obligation if the respective carcasses are consumed exclusively by the livestock owner, family members living in the household or employees). The number of non-examined pig slaughterings is determined in the course of the livestock survey in December of the reference year. The data for sheep and goats (total number, weights) are based entirely on a model that simulates the expected offspring, into which estimates from the “Österreichische Schaf- und Ziegenbörse” are incorporated.

Poultry slaughterings 2020

Slaughterhouses subject to reporting requirements slaughtered 98.0 million chickens in 2020, by 8.0% more than in 2019. The volume of chicken meat in processing form reached 125 000 tonnes, 8.2% more than in the previous year. Around 44.6% of the total slaughter volume (2019: 44.2%) allotted to the processing form "meat, parts".

Numbers on turkeys, geese, ducks and guinea fowls will not be published for data protection reasons.

Methodological notes

In accordance with Federal Law Gazette II No. 356/2003 (in the version currently in force; available in German only) all slaughterhouses with at least 5 000 poultry slaughterings per year are subject to this survey.

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Suitable slaughterings 2020
Slaughterings and meat production 2020 (red meat)
Slaughterings and accrued meat of chicken 2011 to 2020

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