Energy consumption of households

The survey “Energy Consumption of Households” is a biennial survey conducted as a supplementary module to the mandatory Labour Force and Housing Survey (LFS or Microcensus). The goal of the survey is to gather information on the energy consumption in residential buildings and the energy consumption of privately owned vehicles. The reference period covers the period from July the year before the survey to June of the survey year.

Results 2019/2020

Compared to 2017/2018 the energy consumption of Austrian households stayed nearly the same and decreased only marginally by 1.120 TJ resp. 0.4%. The heating degree day totals decreased by 7.3%, the number of households and heated living space increased slightly.

Regarding distinct energy carriers consumption of natural gas decreased strongly by 11247 TJ resp. 17.5%. Consumption of electricity increased by 9.23% and is now at 69211 TJ, consumption of district heating increased by 9.43% and comes now to 38539 TJ. The use of heating oil decreased by 12.46%. Biofuels based on wood increased by 5.91%, though it should be noted that the bulk of this increase has to be attributed to wood pellets (increased by 24.90%) and wood chips (increased by 31.16%). The increase in the consumption of energy generated by heat pumps (ambient heat) by 38.02% (now at the level of 10045 TJ) is noteworthy as well.

Overall Energy Consumption of Households

Overall consumption of fuels 2019/2020
Overall consumption of fuels 2003 to 2020
Share of fuel on the overall fuel consumption of households by consumption purposes 2003 to 2020
Share of fuel aggregates on the overall fuel consumption of households by consumption purposes 2003 to 2020
Fuel consumption in all households by purposes 2003 to 2020
Fuel consumption in contributing households by purposes 2005 to 2020
Overall consumption of all fuels by purposes 2003 to 2020
Heating 2003 to 2020 by fuels used and heating system
Driven kilometres and fuel consumption of private cars by Länder 2000 to 2016
Carsharing by Länder 2015/2016

Electricity- and gas journal

Average electricity consumption of one household 2008, 2012 and 2016

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