Energy statistics cover a broad spectrum of energy-related information. It provides data on the energy flow in the Austrian economy from the primary energy supply (including production, foreign trade and changes in deposits) through the transformation processes (e.g. from coal into electricity, wood chippings into district heat or crude oil into petrol and diesel) to final energy consumption and the useful energy obtained from it, subdivided into useful energy categories (which include air conditioning, lighting and IT, as well as steam production and industrial furnaces). Information about the prices of energy sources and energy-source-specific taxes is also provided. In 2007, with the coming into force of the EU Directive on energy efficiency, energy efficiency was integrated into Eurostat’s programme of work as a new area of focus.

With respect to computation of the Austrian energy balances, which constitute one of the main foundations for assessing energy-based greenhouse gas emissions and of international energy reporting to Eurostat and the International Energy Agency (IEA), the energy statistics are compiled for the most part in line with international concepts (PDF, 2MB).

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Erweiterte Betrachtung der Energiearmut in Österreich 2018
Based on scientifically high quality statistics and analyses, Statistics Austria provides a comprehensive and objective picture of Austrian society and the economy. These facts and figures are the ...

Release date: 04/2021 ISBN:978-3-903264-80-9




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Energiearmut in Österreich 2016 - Haushaltsenergie und Einkommen
For the second time, this report analyses energy consumption and energy costs of so called “energy-poor” households as well as of different income groups and household types. Energy use and the costs ...

Release date: 03/2019 ISBN:978-3-903264-10-6




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