Useful energy analysis

In the past, surveys for calculating useful energy analyses were conducted every 5 to 10 years. To take into account the technical developments, the survey has been conducted on an annual basis since 2015. The latest data available for the useful energy analysis are from the reporting year 2020. By applying the structure of the useful energy analysis to the most actual final energy consumption, information on energy consumption purposes is obtained.

Based on the results of the latest useful energy analysis from 2020, it can be concluded that 35% or 373 PJ of the final energy consumption 2020 were used for production purposes (Industry, Services). Further, 33% or 345 PJ are used for transport and 29% or 304 PJ for space and water heating as well as air conditioning. Only 3% or 31 PJ of the final energy consumption were used for lighting and electronics as e.g. computing.

Final energy consumption 1993 to 2020 by fuels and useful energy categories for Austria (detailed information)

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