Civil aviation

The survey field of civil aviation in Austria covers commercial aviation (scheduled and non-scheduled transport) and general aviation.

Commercial aviation

The survey of commercial aviation (scheduled and non-scheduled) includes domestic and foreign aircraft, which take off or land at the six international Austrian airports (Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg). Flights with passengers, freight and mail transport and empty leg flights in domestic and international traffic are collected where the start or landing is performed in Austria.

General aviation

The survey field of general aviation includes all aircraft that are registered in the Aircraft Register of the Republic of Austria which is maintained by Austro Control. Holders of these aircraft, who have a valid air operator's certificate (AOC) or a valid operating license for passengers, mail and/or cargo, have to report their operations and transport services in the survey on commercial aviation. Other holders are required to report for the survey on non-commercial aviation.

The survey of operations at Austrian airfields in general aviation includes operations of domestic and foreign aircraft and helicopters. The survey of gliding operations covers all starts of domestic and foreign gliders.

Civil aircraft stock

The stock of aircraft provides information on the number of registered aircraft in Austria at specific times. For the creation the Austrian aircraft register of Austro Control and for the stock of microlights the register of the Austrian Aero Club is used.


The data on air accidents are provided by Austro Control. The accidents are published by type of operation and aircraft. In addition, the number of passengers who have been fatally injured is also published.

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