Modal Split – Freight transport

In 2020 the shares of the transport volume concerning the freight transport by road, rail and Danube waterway freight transport in Austria are as follows. The main part (83.9%) was carried out by road freight transport with a total tonnage of 552.1 million tonnes (t). Of this amount 369.4 million t were transported by road freight vehicles registered in Austria (Percentage: 56.1%). The share of rail transport was 14.8% (97.5 million t). On the Danube waterway 8.2 million t (a share of only 1.3%) were transported.

A slightly different picture emerges for the transport performance within the country, which was 90.7 billion tonne-kilometres (tkm) in 2020. Although the share of rail transport with 27.5% (20.5 billion tkm) was higher than in transport volume, the transport performance of road freight transport still accounted for the largest part with a share of 70.3% (52.4 billion tkm). Foreign vehicles contributed 33.6 billion tkm (proportion of total: 45.2%) on Austrian territory, while the percentage of Austrian vehicles was only 25.1% (18.7 billion tkm). For the Austrian section of the Danube a share of 2.2% (1.6 billion tkm) was registered.

Freight transport of all modes of transport by type of transport in Austria

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