Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection

§ 57a para. 10 of the Motor Vehicles Act (KFG) – results 2012

2.94 million motor vehicles inspected, 7% failed

93% of the motor vehicles inspected and reported to Statistics Austria in 2012 passed the test and received a label. The outcome of the inspection was either "without defects" (21.3%) or "slight defects" (72.0%).

On the other hand 6.6% of the motor vehicles failed the test. In these cases the vehicle examiners detected "serious defects" (6.2%) or even "danger in delay" (0.4%). These defects have not been repaired, therefore the issue of the label has been denied.

The percentage of motor vehicles failing the test remained almost constant in comparison to 2011 (-0.3% percentage points).

For more detailed information please refer to the German version.

In 2013 this statistics was closed down.

Number of vehicles inspected 2012 by type of vehicle and outcome of the inspection
Number of defects detected 2012 by type of vehicle
At motor vehicles defects detected 2012 by checkpoints
Defects in total, slight and serious defects 2012 by type of vehicle

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