Road freight transport

Goods road vehicles registered in Austria

In 2020, 375.6 million tonnes (t) of goods on 27.3 million laden journeys were transported by goods road vehicles registered in Austria (lorries with a load capacity of 2 tonnes or more and road tractors).. Thus, the transport volume decreased by 6.6% during the first year affected by the corona-crisis compared to 2019 and was below that reported for 2016 (376.3 million t). In the period from 2017 to 2019 annual increases have been reported (2017: +2.8% at 386.9 million. t; 2018: +1.7% at 393.3 million. t; 2019: +2.3% at 402.2 million. t). This trend was interrupted by the corona-crisis.

The total transport performance, achieved on Austrian and foreign territory (i.e. the product of transport volume and distance travelled) was 26.0 billion tonne-kilometres (tkm) and therefore by 1.9% lower than in the previous year. Around 18.7 billion tkm of this transport performance (-0.9%) took place on Austrian territory. The transport performance operated on foreign territory decreased by 4.5% to 7.3 billion tkm in 2020.

Freight transport on Austrian roads

In 2020, the transport volume carried out by Austrian and foreign road freight vehicles on Austrian roads amounted to 552.1 million tonnes and decreased by 7.7% compared to 2019 (598.0 million tonnes). With 52.4 billion domestic tonne-kilometres, the transport performance declined by 3.9% in the reference year (2019: 54.5 billion domestic tonne-kilometres).

The main part of the transport volume (66.9% resp. 369.4 million tonnes) was performed by Austrian road freight vehicles. National transport which accounts with 357.5 million tonnes for the biggest part of the transport volume showed a decrease by 7.4% compared to 2019. Austrian vehicles contributed for 97.5% of the transport volume in national transport. Concerning international receipt (64.6 million tonnes) and dispatch (55.8 million tonnes) in Austria, the share of Austrian vehicles was 14.8% (9.6 million tonnes) and 18.0% (10.1 million tonnes). Compared to the preceding year, these types of transport fell by 8.8% and 11.5%. Transit transport (74.2 million tonnes) where Austrian vehicles contributed only marginal with 1.6% (1.2 million tonnes) decreased by 4.7% compared to the previous year.

In total transport performance, the share of Austrian road freight vehicles with 35.8% (18.7 billion tonne-kilometres) was lower than in transport volume, which could be mainly explained by long journeys of foreign vehicles in transit transport. The 18.4 billion tonne-kilometres in transit transport, of which 99.3% were performed by foreign vehicles, accounted for more than a third of the total transport performance.

Results (overview): Transport volume and transport performance itemised by types of transport
Goods road vehicles registered in Europe: Transport volume and performance by mode of transport

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