Causes of death

Cause of death statistics have a tradition in Austria dating back to the 19th century and provide important indicators for the health status of the population as well as key data for clinical and medical studies. These statistics are among the most reliable sources of health data in Austria, as in many other countries. Cause of death statistics provide information about the ultimate course of diseases in the population. The data obtained from cause of death statistics forms the basis for numerous scientific studies investigating geographical, demographic and socioeconomic variations in mortality for specific diseases. Research questions relate to the aetiology of diseases, the evaluation of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, the investigation of health problems in specific groups, and to the identification of areas in which deaths may be prevented.

A total of 83 975 people died in Austria in 2018; Cardiovascular diseases (38.9%) and cancer (24.5%) caused six deaths in ten in 2018. The remainder were distributed between diseases of the respiratory organs (6.6%) and of the digestive organs (3.3%), other diseases (21.3%) and unnatural causes of death (injuries and poisonings; 5.3%).

Results (overview): Causes of death

Comorbidity of deaths from 65 years of age and older: Deaths with or without COVID-19 as underlying cause also had ...
Age-standardised death rates (ASDR) in the months March/April of the period 2015 to 2020 according to selected causes of death or groups of causes of death

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Österreichischer Todesursachenatlas 1998/2004
A significant increase in life expectancy has been recorded in Austria in recent years and decades, with this positive trend being observed in all regions of the country. There were remarkable gains ...

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