Health at Work

Ensuring healthy conditions at work is an important health policy task. Identifying workplace-related health risks and problems helps to set appropriate measures, like workplace health management and occupational medical interventions.

In the 2020 ad hoc module of the microcensus labour force survey of Statistics Austria data on accidents at work, work-related health problems and health risks at work were collected.

The Umbrella Association of Social Insurance Institutions keeps annually updated statistics on approved insurance cases related to occupational activity (accidents at work, accidents while travelling and occupational diseases). You can find further information on the homepages of the AUVA (general accident insurance institution) and the Umbrella Association of Social Insurance Institutions.

Health risks at work

According to the Ad hoc Module 2020 survey, around 3.7 million employed persons were exposed to at least one physical and/or mental risk factor at work. This corresponds to around 86% of all employed persons. Eight out of ten workers reported physical risk factors, and six out of ten complained of at least one mental health risk. Men were more likely than women to be affected by potentially stressful working conditions. This difference was largely due to the higher proportion of men working under physically strenuous conditions, whereas mental risk factors occurred more frequently among women.

Work-related health problems

Regarding work-related health problems, all persons ever economically active aged 15 to 74 were asked in the ad hoc module 2020. 13.4% of all (ever) employed persons indicated at least one work-related health problem.

Accidents at work

Of all 4.6 million currently or previously employed surveyed, 3.5%, or 163,400 persons, reported having had at least one occupational accident in the year preceding the survey. The gender difference in accident frequency was clear: seven out of ten victims of an occupational accident were men and three were women.

Recognised occupational illnesses and commuting accidents

In 2020, AUVA approved a total of 94,090 insurance claims in the context of employment (not including accidents of pupils and students), of which 245 were lethal. In addition to 82,910 accidents at work in the strict definition of term, the insurance events also included 10,096 commuting accidents (including 31 fatal ones) and 1,084 occupational illnesses (including 101 mortal). The rate of recognised insured cases fell from 2,382.1 cases in the year previous to the onset of the pandemic to 1,847.6 cases per 100,000 insured persons in 2020.

The number of commuting accidents decreased by about 29% from 2019 to 2020 (from 14,222 to 10,096).

Occupational illnesses account for a relatively small proportion of recognised insured cases (1.2%); their number ranged from 1,371 (2018) to 1,932 (2009) in the last twenty years prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, it decreased significantly by 23.3% (to 1,084 cases). However, an increasing trend is seen in fatal occupational diseases, their number grew ninefold in 1999/2019 (to 117). In 2020, 9.3% of all recognised occupational illnesses caused deaths (+1.0 percentage points compared to the previous year).

Microcensus Ad-hoc module 2020 "Accidents at work, work-related health problems and health risks at work"

Results (overview): Work-related health problems, risks, accidents at work 2020

Approved insurance cases (Umbrella Association of Social Insurance Institutions)

Results (overview): Insured events in statutory accident insurance since 1975
Insurance events in statutory accident insurance 2020 by category of insured persons and sex

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