Gender Statistics

On the subject of gender statistics STATISTICS AUSTRIA presents facts and figures on the situation of women and men in Austria. The objective is to provide an overview of the economic and social situation of women and men in selected areas of life.

The present results show that life expectancy in the year 2020 was 4.8 years higher for women than for men. Expressed in figures, life expectancy was 83.7 years for women and 78.9 years for men.

On the other hand, women have successfully caught up in education. In the group of 25- to 64-year-olds more women (20.6%) than men (16.8%) hold an academic degree. The labour force participation of women has also steadily increased. The employment rate of women aged 15 to 64 years rose from 65.7% (2010) to 68.3% (2020). Yet, the increase in female employment is mostly due to a rise in part-time work. In 2020, 47.3% of employed women worked part-time (2010: 43.8%).

According to the gender pay gap published by Eurostat women in Austria earned 18.9% (2020) less than men (EU-27: 13.0%). Lower incomes and the differences in employment opportunities for women and men ultimately result in women having lower pensions and a higher risk of poverty. Single female pensioners (25%) and single parents (31%) – of whom the most are single mothers – have an increased risk of poverty.

Please consult our German website for tables and charts containing further information.

Results (overview): Demographic indicators

Employment rate since 2009 -2019
Part-time rate since 2009 - 2019

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