Press release: 12.624-215/21

82.000 minor children in Austria living in households with single mothers receive child support from the father

Vienna, 2021-10-01 – In Austria, 82 000 minor children living in households with their single mothers receive child support payments from the father. The median payment per child per month is €304, according to the results of the "Unterhaltsbefragung 2021" (child support survey) conducted by Statistics Austria on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection.

If the parent not living with the child does not pay any child support, the payment is not to the full or not received on a regular basis, single mothers can apply for an advancement payment of the child support ("Unterhaltsvorschuss") by the federal government. This concerns about 16 000 underage children in single-mother households in Austria. On average, this payment is €250 per month per child.

How much time the other parent spends with the child which is receiving child support is an important component of the child support agreement. 17% of minors living with their single mothers are taken care of by the other parent more than once a week. 14% spend time with the other parent about once a week, 27% every two weeks, 6% once a month and about 27% less often or never.

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