Index of Agreed Minimum Wages 16

The Index of Agreed Minimum Wages 16 (base: 2016 annual average = 100) measures the minimum wage trend in Austria. The index is a key evaluation criterion for wage and salary negotiations and, in conjunction with other indices relating to wage and price trends, represents an important and extremely up-to-date economic indicator.

In October 2021 the index reached a value of 111,8 (provisional figure), the same level than the previous month. The rate of increase compared with Ocktober 2020 was 1.6%.

In 2020 the annual average of the Index of Agreed Minimum Wages 16 amounted to 109.8. In general, minimum wages were +2.3% higher than in the previous year (+2.4% for blue-collar workers, +2.2% for white-collar workers and 2.4% for civil servants).

In the last few months the Index of Agreed Minimum Wages 16 has been revised increasingly, as collective agreement negotiations - with retroactive effect - are concluded or sent to us with a delay due to Corona.

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