Personal income

Annual personal income includes the following statistics on the distribution of gross and net annual income at the level of the individual: for employees, a time series starting with 1997, a breakdown by social security scheme and deciles, by age group and Länder (federal provinces), supplemented by data on apprentices; for all pensioners (including retired civil servants) resident in Austria, a time series starting with 1997 and a breakdown by Länder.

The General Income Report under the Federal Constitutional Act on the Limitation of Holders of Public Offices is prepared every other year on behalf of the Court of Audit and relates to the two previous years. This report provides statistics on the income of all employees (primarily broken down by sector, occupational group and job position), all self-employed persons (primarily broken down by sector) and all pensioners (primarily broken down by pension type and pension insurance company) in Austria.

Earnings are reported on the basis of the Structure of Earnings Survey. This survey is conducted every four years. The following data is shown by economic activity and gender: gross hourly earnings, gross monthly and annual earnings, each for full-time and part-time employed persons jointly and also for full-time employed persons and part-time employed persons separately.

According to the Commission regulation No. 377/2008 income data of employees will be published within the Labour Force Survey starting with the year 2009. Data basis for the monthly net income from the main job are the central social insurance register and the tax register. As administrative data is not available in time the income information will be published with a time lag of one year.

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