Selected Indicators on Poverty and Social Inclusion 2012
Indicators201295% confidence interval
lower boundupper bound
Primary Indicators
OV-1a SI-P1 Europe 2020: At-risk-of-poverty rate after social transfers, in %14,413,215,6
by age and gender
Men total13,512,114,9
Women total15,313,916,6
Total 0-17 years17,515,020,1
Total 18-24 years17,314,320,4
Men 18-24 years14,411,117,6
Women 18-24 years20,816,425,3
Total 25-49 years13,412,014,9
Men 25-49 years12,610,914,3
Women 25-49 years14,312,616,0
Total 50-64 years11,29,712,7
Men 50-64 years11,39,313,3
Women 50-64 years11,19,313,0
Total 65 years and over15,113,316,9
Men 65 years and over11,59,213,9
Women 65 years and over17,815,620,0
Total 18 years and over13,712,514,8
Men 18 years and over12,311,113,5
Women 18 years and over15,013,716,3
Total 18-64 years13,312,014,6
Men 18-64 years12,511,113,8
Women 18-64 years14,112,715,6
Europe 2020: People at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion, in %18,517,219,8
by age and gender
Men total17,315,918,8
Women total19,618,221,0
Total 0-17 years20,918,323,5
Total 18-64 years18,417,019,8
Men 18-64 years16,915,418,5
Women 18-64 years19,818,221,4
Total 65 years and over16,214,318,1
Men 65 years and over12,610,215,0
Women 65 years and over18,916,721,2
Europe 2020: People living in households with very low work intensity, in %7,66,78,6
by age and gender
Men total6,75,77,7
Women total8,67,59,7
Total 0-17 years6,14,47,8
Total 18-59 years8,17,29,1
Men 18-59 years6,75,77,8
Women 18-59 years9,58,310,7
Europe 2020: Severely materially deprived people, in %4,03,34,7
by age and gender
Men total3,83,04,6
Women total4,23,55,0
Total 0-17 years5,84,37,3
Total 18-64 years4,13,44,8
Men 18-64 years3,83,04,6
Women 18-64 years4,43,65,1
Total 65 years and over1,91,22,5
Men 65 years and over(1,4)0,62,1
Women 65 years and over2,21,43,1
OV-1aSI-P1At-risk-of-poverty threshold, illustrative values, in Euro
2 adults, 2 children27.47726.90928.045
OV-2SI-C1Inequality of income distribution S80/S20 income quintile share ratio
OV-1bSI-P3Relative median at-risk-of-poverty gap, by age and gender, in %
Men total20,316,624,0
Women total20,017,622,3
Total 0-17 years16,312,620,0
Total 18-64 years23,720,626,9
Men 18-64 years23,619,627,6
Women 18-64 years24,020,627,3
Total 65 years and over19,017,320,7
Men 65 years and over20,616,424,9
Women 65 years and over18,817,120,6
Secondary Indicators
SI-S1eDispersion around the at-risk-of-poverty threshold, in %
40% of median4,53,85,2
50% of median8,47,49,4
70% of median21,620,123,0
OV-C11SI-C6At-risk-of-poverty rate before social transfers by age and gender, in %
including old-age and survivors' benefits
Men total25,023,326,7
Women total26,524,828,1
Total 0-17 years37,034,040,0
Total 18-64 years24,422,826,0
Men 18-64 years23,521,825,3
Women 18-64 years25,323,627,0
Total 65 years and over18,516,520,6
Men 65 years and over14,812,217,5
Women 65 years and over21,318,923,7
excluding old-age and survivors' benefits
Men total40,939,042,7
Women total47,445,649,1
Total 0-17 years40,837,843,9
Total 18-64 years33,231,434,9
Men 18-64 years30,328,432,2
Women 18-64 years36,034,137,9
Total 65 years and over88,887,090,6
Men 65 years and over87,184,889,5
Women 65 years and over90,188,292,0
SI-C2Inequality of income distribution: Gini coefficient
Gini coefficient27,626,828,3