Press release: 12.497-088/21

Energy poverty: 94 000 households cannot afford to heat their homes

Vienna, 2021-04-23 – Around 94 000 households, or 2.4% of all households in Austria, cannot afford to keep their homes adequately warm. This is the result of a recent study by Statistics Austria based on the 2019 Survey on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC). In 2010, the share had been 3.7%. The households concerned had a median household income of around €18 980 per year.

Single-person households are more likely to be unable to afford adequate heating, while households with children are less likely. Households with people who have completed compulsory education or less are also disproportionately affected. On average, 2.4% of all households could not afford to heat adequately in 2019, and 5.9% of households with compulsory education or less were affected. Among single-person households, the figure was 4.3%.

In addition, in 2018 there were 115 500 households with comparatively low incomes that simultaneously had to pay above-average energy costs. These households had an equivalent household income below €15 437 per year, which is 60% of the median income, and at the same time had to pay equivalent energy costs of more than €1 720, which is 140% of the median energy costs. Absolute energy consumption and the associated costs increase as household income rises, while the relative share spent on energy becomes smaller and smaller.

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