Care services

In 2020, a total of 151 582 clients were cared for by outpatient services and 95 263 people in care lived in inpatient facilities that were financially supported by social assistance or the means-tested income scheme. 6 968 people claimed benefits of short-term care in inpatient facilities and semi-inpatient services were provided to 7 695 people. 3 602 people lived in alternative living facilities and 110 807 people obtained benefits in kind of case and care management.

About two-thirds of the clients were women (end of 2020). More than 70% (outpatient services) and almost 80% in inpatient services (including alternative living facilities) of the persons claiming care services were at the age of 75 or older. Due to the higher need for care of people living in inpatient facilities they received cash benefits at a higher care category: The percentage share of the care categories 4 to 7 was 74%, whereas only 28% of the clients of outpatient services belonged to these care categories.

At the end of 2020, the biggest amount of care staff was employed at inpatient facilities with 36 558 FTE (full-time equivalents). At that time, the sector of outpatient services employed carers in the amount of 12 806 FTE. The percentage share of women was even higher than that among clients (90% in inpatient services, 84% in outpatient services).

In 2020, the gross expenditure for all care services amounted to €4.4 billion, the net expenditure to €2.6 billion. About 61% of gross expenditure was borne by the Laender and the municipalities, and 35% were covered by payments of the beneficiaries. 58% of inpatient services and 69% of outpatient services were cost-covered by social assistance or by the means-tested income scheme.

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Results (overview): Care services

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