Time Use

With the aid of a time use survey it is possible to see how much time is spent by different groups in society on different activities each day. It is also possible to obtain information about the time of day the surveyed activities are performed. Time use surveys were previously carried out in Austria in 1981 and 1992.

The survey Wealth in Time was a questionnaire relating to the subjective feeling of a person on time. Wealth in Time is not a material value, it is much more the possibility to have sufficient time for own needs.

Surveys concerning time, its use and satisfaction are an important basis for research in the field of quality of life and well-being and also for modelling satellite accounts or a new gross domestic product. Data on time allows a balanced insight into different groups of population and their special time patterns.

Please find results, analyses and additional background information on the websites Time Use Survey and Wealth in Time.

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