World Statistics Day 2020: new Economic Monitor provides overview of economic development in Austria

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On the occasion of World Statistics Day on 20 October on the topic "Connecting the world with data we can trust", Statistics Austria presents the new Economic Monitor providing an overview of the economic development in Austria. More than 80 economic indicators from the labour market, industry and construction, trade and services, foreign trade, prices, tourism, transport and national accounts are bundled and made available. The Economic Monitor thus enables the comparison of different economic sectors.


Publication: Austrian National Accounts (Volkswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnungen 1995-2019)

Volkswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnung 1995-2019

This publication presents the revised Austrian National Accounts results for the years 1995 to 2019. The data depicts how gross domestic product is generated and used, and how the incomes generated in the production process are distributed. In addition, detailed methodological explanation and data on non-financial sector accounts are provided. This publication is available in German only.


Three out of four persons in good or very good health, chronic diseases are nevertheless widespread


75% of the Austrian population aged 15 years and older are satisfied with their general health status, rating it as very good or good. At the same time, two thirds of the population stated to have at least one chronic disease. These are two main facts of the "Austrian Health Interview Survey 2019", carried out by Statistics Austria on behalf of the Ministry of Health and the Federal Health Agency.



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Maastricht EDP Indicators

Government surplus 190.7%

Government debt 1970.5%

HICP 191.5%

Long term interest rate 190.06%